Sunday, March 7, 2010

Traveling Man

o we took Drew up to Tahoe last week to do our annual ski trip with friends. Wow - things are definitely different that they used to be! 

Normally the trip involves lots of drinking, eating, skiing and hanging out and playing cards... all things that are significanly more difficult with a 5 month old. It was different, but for us, still nice to get out of San Diego and travel a little bit. That was until I realized that Drew and I were going to be stuck in the Tahoe house for 5 days without getting out. It's hard when it's cold outside and it's SNOWING... and since I'm still nursing the kid, skiing wasn't an option either. Hrm. We were DEFINITELY a little stir crazy after a while but it was so nice to see our friends. Brian was also a big help, staying home the first day instead of skiing and helping me take care of the boogie. He was exhausted though by the end of the day - now he knows what a full day is like for me :-) Just tack on a little housework on top of that! I can't really complain though since I LOVE staying home with my kid. 

I do think that everyone was really surprised at how different life is once you have a baby. No more going out to dinner for us... Drew is in bed by 6:00pm every night. Of course we choose to keep his schedule constant, in order to have a happier baby during the day, but it's definitely an eye opener for people who aren't used to it. 

Overall it was a wonderful trip and we got to spend 4 days with Brian's mom on the end it. Always nice for Drew to spend time with Grandma and she is AMAZING with babies. I'm sure it helps that she had 4 kids and has 6 grandkids. PHEW! 

Now we are back home for a bit while Brian spends two weeks in Key West with the Navy. I wanted to take Drew over there for a few days, but it looks like getting to Key West is going to be more trouble than it's worth. Something about 8 hours on a plane and then 4 in the car, with a 5 month old, that sounds less than exciting. AH well. 

We also didn't get a chance to spend Brian's birthday with him (march 6th) but celebrated while we were together. TWO date nights... Thank goodness for Grandma. That is the tough part about our lives and schedules but we celebrate birthdays and holidays when we are together. That's the important part, right? 

Only bummer to the whole trip is that I left our camera up in Oakland, so all of the pictures that I took of Drew and the snow and everyone are still up there. GRRRRRR. They will be uploaded eventually but ARGH. I know it sounds weird, but I don't think I've gone that long without taking a picture of him! Luckily we have cameras on our phones and I have a little point and shoot but  I want my fancy camera.... I am SUCH a brat :-) 


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