Monday, March 8, 2010

New toy

So a note as I write from the comfort of my couch... Because I really am too lazy to get up and type on the computer across the room... I have found quite possibly the most disturbingly wonderful thing for my sick child.

Now if you don't have kids you may not understand what it's like to have a snotty miserable child with a cold, but having gone through it once when the Drew was 2.5 months old? Shudder... It's miserable.

So in honor of my kind of sick, snotty child, today I found a disgusting and disturbing gizmo called a Nose Frida Snotsucker. You literally suck, with your mouth, through a tube, the snot out of your childs nose... Totally disgusting and nasty and yet works so well. Like AMAZINGLY well. It does have a filter and is hygenic and you're really not in any danger of catching anything, although let's be honest, if your kid has a cold, you have it too... or if you don't, you will soon!

(To that point though, the person who told me the kiddo couldn't catch a cold from me since I'm nursing him? Liar!!!)

Anyway, it's amazing, it's great and it's yucky, but there really isn't much I wouldn't do for this cute kid. Also, my doctor recommended this, so it's not just a contraption I found on the internet :-).

Also in case you didn't know this, peppermint oil is really bad for babies... It's a good thing I looked it up online before putting it in the humidifier... The gal at the whole foods was obviously an idiot. Thank god for the Internet... And the Nose Frida Snotsucker :)


Karissa said...

My daughter got a cold for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I bought Nosefrida, too! I love it as well and it works great.

laura said...

this is hysterical! i may have to try this sucker, literally, on baby ben!! :)

thanks so much for all your kind words and well wishes during the crazy-ness of this past week! it meant so much to read so many encouraging comments during such a scary time!

looking forward to baby ben and drew's 1st playdate on the Lawn!


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