Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mom Hair

So we took another trip down to SD last week, and it was AWESOME! And as most of you saw by my facebook posts, I decided to basically shear myself...

I have to admit, I haven't had short hair since I was 13... and it was, well, it wasn't a pretty site. I would post the pictures, but really - I'm much too vain :-). So, the decision to chop it all off was kind of a spontaneous and ultimately nerve wracking one.

I'm still working out all of the kinks, like products and the fact that my hair guy was like, oh Ashley it will be SO much easier... LIAR!!!

But I think the biggest problem I've had with the whole thing is that people delight in telling me that I now have "mom hair".


That phrase makes me want to kick someone. People - that's like telling me that I look tired - or that I have great bone structure when I weigh 600 pounds...

Telling me I have "mom hair" conjures up images of high waisted jeans with pleats. Ew.

Now, there is a reason that there are a ton of sites out there decrying the term "mom hair". Quite simply, what does it mean??? I would argue that I had mom hair before I got my haircut because it was constantly in a pony tail (if I was feeling ambitious), if not under a hat or visor.

Yes, it's different. Yes it's short. Yes it coincided with the fact that I have a 9 month old baby. But it's not necessarily easier and it's not a frumpy unstylish look. I mean please, have you MET me? I may not be a fashion plate, but I believe in taking care of your appearance. (Having a baby is NO excuse to let yourself go).

I actually called myself a milf the other day - on facebook - and while it was a cringeworthy term to use, I wanted to over emphasize the fact that I still feel hot and because I cut my hair short does not doom me to a life of pleated pants and bad perms.

And at least now I have cute hair to go with my cute kid :-)


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